Promoting fishing in order to convey the wonders of “Enjoying nature”, “Learning from nature” and “Compassion for nature” to the world

Kenichi Ofuji, President

Fishing is an extremely popular leisure activity that can be safely enjoyed by everyone from adults to children, and it is said to be enjoyed by more than 8 million people. Furthermore, looking to the future, as our society continues to age, we can expect that the popularity of fishing as a leisure activity will continue to expand. However, one problem is that some people do not behave correctly when fishing, and they show their bad manners at this time, and this can be an obstacle to the future spread and development of fishing as a wholesome activity.

It has been over 200 years since our company was established, and during this time we have striven to promote fishing as an activity through the sale of fishing equipment. We feel that is it essential to help each and every person who wishes to enjoy fishing to understand the ideals of “Enjoying nature”, “Learning from nature” and “Compassion for nature” and to communicate these ideals to future generations, and we have established this as our corporate philosophy.

Fishing is truly a contest between ourselves and nature, and it is also a way for us to enjoy the grace that nature brings. We hope that the number of anglers who can support our corporate philosophy will increase, and that we as human beings can continue to receive the benefits and wisdom of nature in all its richness and diversity, so that we can continue to show full respect to nature while we enjoy fishing.