From the middle of the Edo period to today, every era has been one of innovation.
And this will also be true of the future.

Ofuji Fishing Tackles Co., Ltd.

Company name Ofuji Fishing Tackles Co., Ltd.
Outlets ANGLERS, Himeji Tsurigu, Bass Catch, Maruha Tsurigu, Lucky Creek, LEISUCCS, Fish On
President Kenichi Ofuji
Company address: No. 10-19, Sangenyahigashi 3-chome, Taisho-ku, Osaka, 551-0002
Tel:816-6555-0808 Fax: 816-6553-0505
Established 1798
Date of incorporation April 1977
Capital ¥ 50.0 million
No. of employees 320
Business General wholesale and retail sales of fishing goods and leisure articles
Member organizations Japan Sportfishing Foundation
Osaka Fishing Tackle Cooperative Association

Jump Co., Ltd. (Affiliated company)

Company name Jump Co., Ltd.
Outlets Jump World
President Kenichi Ofuji
Company address 106 Doidamachi, Matsuyama-shi, Ehime 790-0056
Tel: (089) 932-8700  Fax: (089) 932-8501
Established August 1979
Date of incorporation April 1981
Capital ¥ 10 million
Business Retail sales of fishing goods and leisure articles