Our predecessor “Hirotaya” was originally a pharmacy which operated in the dock area of Osaka.
One day, a fisherman from Tokushima was looking with deep interest at the semitransparent string which we used to tie up our medicines.
“If I was using this, I would certainly catch a lot of fish!”
So, prompted by the words of this fisherman,
we reopened “Hirotaya” a a store to sell silkworm fishing line. The fisherman gave an actual demonstration of catching fish.
In this way, the use of silkworm fishing line spread throughout the world.
This story is also related in Ryotaro Shiba’s “Kono Kuni no Katachi” (“The Shape of our Country”).

Mid-Edo Period “Hirotaya” opened as a seller of silkwork fishing line.
Name of store changed to Ofuji Shohei Shoten.
1934 Began exporting silk gut (a type of silkworm thread), bamboo fishing rods and other items to countries including Spain, France and Italy, and business increased rapidly.
1950 Moved Ofuji Shoten to Nishi-ku, Osaka.
Reorganized company structure with the aim of increasing business. Ofuji Shoten became Ofuji Fishing Tackles Co., Ltd.
1970 With the opening of Daiei Nakamozu store, took the opportunity to become established as a retail outlet within the store.
1975 Established a joint-venture manufacturing business in Incheon in South Korea. As a result, we could establish ourselves as a comprehensive manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer.
Developed our own cooler box (marine cooler), the first of its kind in the industry. At the same time, developed glass rods for manufacture in South Korea, and began marketing them.
Completed construction of the head office building. Established Anglers Co., Ltd. as our retail sales division.
Carried out joint development with Dongin Sports in Incheon, South Korea and also other Japanese manufacturers to develop our own “MARINE” line of products.
1988 Restructured Ofuji Fishing Tackles Co., Ltd. from a private company to a limited stock company.
1989 Himeji Fishing became part of the Ofuji group of companies through merger & acquisition.
1997 Ofuji Fishing Tackles Co., Ltd., Anglers Co., Ltd. and Himeji Tsurigu Co., Ltd. combined to be reorganised as Ofuji Fishing Tackles Co., Ltd.
1998 Jump Co., Ltd. became part of the group through merger & acquisition. This resulted in the company having 53 stores in the Kansai and Shikoku regions of Japan.
2000 Maruha Tsurigu Co., Ltd. became part of the group through merger & acquisition.
2006 Leisuccs Co., Ltd. became part of the group through merger & acquisition.
2007 Fish On Co., Ltd. became part of the group through merger & acquisition.
2020 Moved to current premises.